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Zingtree Agent Pro

Developed by ZingtreeUpdated 11/18/2020Version 1

Build interactive, no-code call scripts that are easy for agents to follow and for authors to maintain.

Contact centers of all kinds use Zingtree’s no-code, interactive decision tree software to guide their agents through complex, consequential, or changing processes. As they speak to customers on the phone, agents navigate a choose-your-own-adventure experience that shows them the right information at each stage of the conversation, boosting call compliance and leading the customer to the next best action. Businesses use Zingtree for a wide variety of use cases – inbound and outbound, for support, sales, scheduling, and beyond. Customers include brands as diverse as Ring, Cigna, and Hilton. Screen reader support enabled.

Standard Workflows

Allows your agents to follow standardized scripts based on best practices.

CRM Integrations

Allow your agents to see customer info and the call script on the same screen

Changes on Command

Push changes to the script – with version control – whenever you decide.

Agent Feedback

Let your agents give feedback on the call script without navigating off the page.

Embed Anywhere

Insert your call script into a CRM or webpage, or launch from a browser.

Instant Notes

Automatically transfer the transcript to the call notes section of your CRM.

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