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Updated 04/04/2023

Version 01

Tinosys is an industry-leading provider of AI-driven analytics that helps companies extract maximum value from all data types and sources.

With digital transformation taking hold across all company types, both data volume, types, and sources are overwhelming their ability to make fully-informed decisions. Tinosys consolidates all data types (including structured, unstructured, video, and image) from the major data sources and generates targeted insights accessible through plain-English conversational analytics and intuitive dashboards.

Key features

Better-than-Tableau Visualization

Tinosys conversational analytics builds SQL queries automatically based on customers’ natural language questions through a guided process. Results are presented as descriptions, charts and tables. Dashboards are quickly and automatically created based on results. This greatly simplifies and accelerates customer access to accurate insights and predictive analytics at significantly lower cost.

Broad Variety of Use Cases

Tinosys flexibility and automation provides industry-leading data insights across business functions (customer service, sales, marketing, executive, finance, HR, legal, etc) and industries (finance, insurance, health care, government, transportation, etc), allowing for standardization and consolidation of analytics.

Data Science in a Box

Automated stitching together of data of all types and sources into one common data set and one format to accelerate and simplify data structuring and the generation of analytics and insights without the need for expensive data scientist building custom models.

Analytics of data from all sources

Tinosys ingests data, either through manual upload to our portal or via our connectors to your data sources, then generates metadata for each dataset. After that, Tinosys classifies the data into standard types (Identity, entity, dimension, metric, date, etc.) and stores it and metadata in our data lake.

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