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Textline is a business texting tool built for modern customer experiences

Make your organization more efficient and keep your customers satisfied with business texting. Get a textable phone number for your organization so you can text your customers and let them text your team. (Available in the USA and Canada)

Built for teams

Your team can share a textable phone number to send & receive texts from customers. Use Textline on your desktop or smartphone. Install free companion apps for iOS & Android.

No apps required

Your customers don't need to install any special apps to communicate with your business. They just use the default text messaging apps already installed on their smart phones.

Advanced features

In addition to standard text messaging, Textline provides features like auto-responses, broadcast announcements, scheduled messages, shortcuts for FAQs, response time metrics, and more.

Texting FTW!

Messaging apps are the most used apps on smartphones. According to Forbes, 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

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