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Textline is a business texting tool built for modern customer experiences

Make your organization more efficient and keep your customers satisfied with business texting. Get a textable phone number for your organization so you can text your customers and let them text your team. (Available in the USA and Canada)

Customer Support and Experience

E-commerce and service businesses know that creating a relationship with customers increases their lifetime value. Take the relationship to the next level with texting. Delight customers by adding a personal touch to your interactions while lowering call volume and resolving more inquiries.


Lead forms can collect a variety of information, including mobile phone numbers. Why not use the Textline API to trigger a text to the lead asking for a good time to call or starting a conversation about the product or service they inquired about.

Built for teams

Textline offers the best tools for customer support workflow, team collaboration, and process automation. Your team can share one or more phone numbers for responding to customer inquiries while easily managing multiple conversations simultaneously.

Easy to use

Your customers can use Textline on default text messaging apps already installed on their smartphones, meaning that they don't need to install additional apps to communicate with your business. Textline also integrates with major platforms such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Twilio and have a robust API.

Join other companies

Turn customer support from a cost center into a revenue center. Brands like 1-800-Got-Junk, Tuft & Needle, Stuart Weitzman, and Live Nation use Textline to communicate with customers in a way that is fast, convenient, efficient, and accessible from anywhere.

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