Talkdesk Workforce Management


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 03/07/2022

Version 1.0

Optimize resources to meet customer demand with intelligent automation.

Talkdesk Workforce Managementâ„¢ leverages AI-enhanced algorithms and smart automations to optimize staffing and scheduling decisions, reduce administrative effort, and deliver an agent experience designed to meet the needs of modern, distributed workforces.

Key features

AI-driven forecasting and scheduling

AI-powered omnichannel forecasting you can trust from day one, coupled with an end-to-end, automated skills-based scheduling experience.

Efficient, intuitive administration

Seamless integration with the Talkdesk platform and an intuitive user experience makes every process more efficient.

Designed for the modern workforce

Support for omnichannel workflows, agent training and development, remote work, and greater scheduling flexibility.

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EMEA - Europe, APAC - Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America


Financial Services & Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Life Services, Public Sector, Telecom, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods


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Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic