Talkdesk Pega Connector


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 07/06/2022

Empower agents to deliver memorable experiences.

Seamlessly integrating call center and CRM systems is essential to provide positive and memorable customer experiences. The Talkdesk Pega Connector brings together the Pega CRM with Talkdek’s industry leading CCaaS platform to deliver all the tools needed to meet your customer expectations. With the Talkdesk Pega Connector, you can easily engage customers by using up-to-date information from Pega to provide the insights necessary to help agents succeed. What’s more, you can configure, design and manage call flows that use data directly from Pega to design optimal customer journeys. And all from a single view and without having to switch to multiple applications.

Key features

Manage communications directly from Pega

Automatically open contact information, pop contact pages, and launch calls - all without leaving the Pega UI.

Sync contact and agent data between Talkdesk and Pega

Maintain accurate contact information between the two platforms for proper caller identification and user attribution. In addition, easily link agents between Talkdesk and Pega.

Build inbound call flows using data from Pega

Configure the structure and outcome of any call flow, and perform data dips to fetch information directly from your Pega system.

Activity logging

Automatically open call pages in the Pega UI to add additional information. Once a user completes a call in Pega, the new information is logged and can be viewed in the call history.

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