Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 08/04/2023

Streamline claims, deliver exceptional customer experience, and improve efficiencies with the Guidewire ClaimCenter integration.

Provide modern customer service and deliver connected interactions on any channel. Deep integration between Talkdesk and Guidewire ClaimCenter enables a holistic view of customer context, automated workflows with built-in efficiencies and streamlined claims using bi-directional data exchange in real time. With Talkdesk and Guidewire insurers improve customer loyalty, profitability, and employee retention.

Key features

Improve customer service with a complete view.

A holistic view of customer context, including claims information retrieved in real time from Guidewire, is captured in a single interface that helps agents provide a seamless customer experience.

Deliver connected interactions across channels.

Give customers convenience and control by offering expanded service on preferred channels – voice and digital.

Streamline claims with time-saving automations.

Complete a FNOL fast. Agents can process these more efficiently using pre-built workflows and obtain a claim number instantly from Guidewire.

Reduce friction from the claims process.

Proactively notify customers with claim updates and status using the latest information fetched from ClaimCenter.

Empower employees and boost productivity.

Equip agents with AI-powered guidance, auto-summary of interactions, and more, to ease their workload and keep them focused on delivering service with empathy.

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