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Updated 02/01/2024

Version 1.0

Sycurio Secure Payment CX Solutions

Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital deliver frictionless payment and secure transaction experiences across all your customer engagement channels, whilst ensuring that your organization meets regulatory and compliance obligations. These flexible solutions have two core capabilities: - securing transaction data delivered through voice interactions, typically through an agent-customer telephone engagement or IVR automated payment - the enablement of transactions served through digital channels, such as agent chat, chatbots and voicebots, SMS and email, apps and web services, social media messaging and QR codes Sycurio’s applications and technologies automate the separation and transmission of sensitive data (such as credit/debit card and bank payments, health and personal information) from the contact center, remote agent, webservice and application, and pass it directly to your data processor, ensuring it never enters your business environment. This separation provides your organization with a significant reduction in transaction compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA. It also boosts your organization's customer service and data security capabilities while increasing operational flexibility and cost efficiency.

Key features

Talkdesk Sycurio Integration

We make it straightforward to build secure and easy-to-manage enterprise-wide payment environments. Designed to minimize disruption, Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure; including your telephony, as well as the full range of contact center applications, from CRM to payment processing.

Patented to power PCI DSS compliant payments

Reduce company PCI DSS audit scope with SAQ-A deployment option.

Better Customer Experience

Reduces average call handling time (AHT) providing a positive customer experience and improving operational efficiency in the contact center.

Partner with many of the world’s leading brands

Enterprise and SMB customers across 30+ countries. Millions of transactions are processed each week, securing well over 250,000 contact center agents worldwide.

Deployment Options

When it comes to deployment options, our multi-instance architecture gives you a choice of cloud, hybrid or on-premises (with our dedicated appliances), so you can find the best fit for your needs.

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