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SMS Magic Converse

Developed by Screen Magic Mobile Media IncUpdated 07/20/2020Version 1

The leading text messaging application for Salesforce, boosting agent productivity, accelerating sales revenue

SMS-Magic Converse is the leading business text messaging application for Salesforce that boosts sales and service agent productivity, accelerates sales revenue and increases customer retention. SMS is rapidly becoming the preferred channel for agent communications with prospects and customers. Most customers prefer it. Even better, 95% of messages are read and you’ll get a 6x response rate over emails. Converse is the simplest text messaging application for contact centres in the market. We also deliver a robust feature set, so you get the best messaging along with simplicity that drives productivity.

Get valuable feedback using NPS surveys

NPS surveys are automatically sent when a case or call closes. If the score is low, a progressive survey is sent to explore the details around the negative experience. You can also ask for a direct conversation to resolve any issues.

Guide reps to fast conversions

Guidance assures reps find the conversation, quickly understand context and send a fast, relevant response even as they handle 7x more interactions.

Rules-based routing

Rules-driven routing templates are easily configured for Objects, Profiles, or Custom parameters within Salesforce. Guidance wizards make it simple to tune routing to match your in-place rules.

Close cases faster

Blending auto-responses with guided 1:1 conversations fuels reps to handle and close cases faster.

Immediate alerts

Reps are immediately alerted to new conversations, in the Salesforce utility bar, Converse Inbox, via email and more.

Automatic text-to-case or lead

When a text message is received, Converse automatically creates a case or lead record and a personal confirmation/introduction text is sent.

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The leading text messaging application for Salesforce, boosting agent productivity, accelerating sales revenue and increasing customer retention.