Talkdesk Slack Connector


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 01/24/2022

Collaborate seamlessly and optimize operations by connecting Talkdesk and Slack

Integrate your Slack collaboration tools with Talkdesk so you can connect agents with subject matter experts across the enterprise in order to provide more seamless customer support. Embed messaging capabilities directly in the agent and supervisor interface, so quick help is just a click away. And, automate the delivery of key contact center notifications to relevant individuals or teams in Slack so they can take action on changing conditions in real time.

Key features

Simplify Coaching

Improve team performance and efficacy by monitoring live calls and silently coaching agents with messages powered through Slack — all from the Talkdesk interface.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Provide faster answers to complex questions. Using Slack tools directly within the Talkdesk agent desktop, agents can seamlessly connect with other agents, supervisors or subject matter experts — without disrupting the customer experience.

Respond in Real Time

Ensure critical business events and relevant contact center insights are delivered to the right employees at the right time, by automating alerts & notifications in Slack, straight from Talkdesk.

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Learning Management, Video, Messaging, Agent Coaching & Performance