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Updated 11/02/2023

Version 1

Install to your Talkdesk to add all your other digital channels!

Sentiment Omnichannel is the next generation Messaging platform for enterprise contact centers. Including SMS, MMS, ChatBot and dynamic Agent routing across over 15 channels such as Email, live chat, Social Media and Messaging Channels such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Line and Whatsapp and more. Advanced workforce and agent performance metrics allow to generate the greatest ROI of any solution of its type.

Key features

Robust and ever growing channel support

Deploy customer care seamlessly across the following channels: - SMS - MMS - Email - Livechat - Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, VK) - Review sites (Trustpilot, Facebook) - Messaging (Line, Whatsapp and more) - Custom channels

Pay as You Go Commercial Model

- Unlimited seats and channels - All enterprise features included - Simply pay for the volume of conversations/cases your team need to handle - Easy onboarding, start small and scale as required.

Best In Class Analytics

Available across all your channels and include: - Agent and team performance - Issue type performance - Priority issue performance - CSAT and NPS scoring - Handle time, wait time, resolve time and response time - Performance against 4 different SLAs

Advanced AI/NLU Chatbots

Integrate Chatbots to handle all conversations including: - View chatbot conversations as they happen live - Manually take over conversations - Automatically handoff to Agents based on multiple criteria - Automatically Identify and Verify customers

Best in class routing

Automatically push new issues in realtime to agents based on any of: - Agent status and availability - SLA - Priority - Issue type - Last Agent to Handle (LAR) And re-assign issues automatically when agents log out/ go on vacation ...

Customer Satisfaction scoring

Automatic NPS and CSAT scoring of resolved customer conversation and view realtime dashboards by agent, and team

Additional information


Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Services, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods, Telecom, Public Sector


Digital Engagement, Omnichannel Feedback

Customer Segments

Enterprise, Strategic

Plans & Pricing

30 Day 100 conversation unlimited feature trial


for 30 days OmniChannel

In this 30 day / 100 conversation trial, deploy a Unified Inbox with advanced routing and Analytics for your digital channels including:
- Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, VK and more)
- Review sites (Trustpilot, Facebook)
- Messaging (Messenger, Line, Whatsapp and more)
- Email
- Livechat
- Custom channels