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Scorebuddy - All in One Staff Quality Assessment

Developed by Sentient Solutions Ltd. trading as ScorebuddyUpdated 08/12/2020Version R5.6.11

ALL-IN-ONE QUALITY TOOL FOR CALL CENTERS: Eliminate Spreadsheets, gather Customer Sentiment, Transform Agent Performance

Scorebuddy is the only fully integrated, comprehensive contact center quality management platform designed to find the root causes of poor quality, fix contact center performance quality challenges and measure the results of fixes being applied to these gaps.

Scorebuddy’s all-in-one solution takes call center quality management to the next level by allowing you:
  • FIND the root causes of poor customer service, whether due to process, product or performance.
  • Utilize rich dashboards and analytics to identify and FIX quality gaps.
  • Using a fully integrated LMS, effectively manage training, and accurately assess results.
  • MEASURE and align customer sentiment through integrated surveys.

Empower Team Leaders

Improve consistencies and reliability in your reports and evaluations

Actionable Data

Spot Root Causes of issues, changing trends, and make smarter, data driven decisions

Time & Money Savings

Dramatically reduce the time spent evaluating staff & preparing reports

Agent Engagement

Improve engagement by building trust in the Quality Assessment process and outputs

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to inflexible, laborious spreadsheets with no analysis or historical reporting