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Updated 02/23/2024

Version R5.6.11

QA with Embedded AI: The Key to Efficiency, Engagement and Insights

Scorebuddy is a market-leading contact center quality assurance solution that uses embedded AI to improve operational efficiency, drive agent engagement, and uncover actionable insights. Reduce cost per interaction by automating repetitive tasks and use AI to analyze 100% of interactions—so you can identify the ones that need human review. Improve agent engagement and productivity with personalized dashboards and data-backed coaching. Leverage advanced QA reporting and business intelligence to uncover the trends and patterns that drive customer experience. Visit to learn more and access case studies from financial services, retail, tech, BPO, and more.

Key features

Embedded AI

Automate manual tasks and boost efficiency

Conversational Analytics

Analyze 100% of interactions to uncover insights

Automated Workflows

Speed up QA and reduce evaluation times

Business Intelligence

Make data accessible and cut reporting time

Personalized Dashboards and Flexible Scorecards

Custom dashboards to maximize engagement. The most flexible scorecard builder on the market.

Integrated Coaching and Learning Management System

Engage agents with data-backed coaching. Only QA tool with an integrated LMS.

Additional information


Quality Management, Agent Coaching & Performance, Omnichannel Feedback, Interaction Analytics & Sentiment

Plans & Pricing

Scorebuddy Managed Trial


for 30 days

Full enterprise Quality Assessment trial system

Full enterprise Quality Assessment functionality to allow client organisations test the Scorebuddy solution in tandem with their Talkdesk platform.