Talkdesk for Salesforce


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Updated 01/24/2022

Comprehensive contact center capabilities for the Salesforce experience

Bring your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams together with Talkdesk for Salesforce to seamlessly manage the customer experience from anywhere. Talkdesk offers comprehensive contact center functionality for the Salesforce experience with the industry's deepest integration. Intelligently route customers to the best agent, equip reps with all the resources needed for a personalized conversation and provide proactive follow-ups to keep customers engaged. Work smarter and communicate more effectively from within Salesforce with integrated voice and SMS channels, native reporting, automations, bidirectional data sync, and much more. And manage it all with clicks, not code.

Key features

Comprehensive Real-time and Historical Reporting

Keep track of what’s happening at each moment in your contact center with more than 20 pre-built and fully customizable reports. Real-time dashboards and detailed metrics, embedded directly in Salesforce, give you a comprehensive view of your customers’ experience.

Two-way Data Sync

Ensure data between Salesforce and Talkdesk is always consistent with continuous two-way data sync. Real-time automated logging and disposition sync keep customer information current and accurate leading to more meaningful engagement.

Powerful Omnichannel Capabilities

Let customers reach you using the channel they prefer. Easily manage customer contacts across multiple channels by leveraging an extensive integration with Salesforce Omnichannel.

Intelligent Routing

With data dips, you can intelligently route customers to the best available agents and equip them with all the relevant customer information to deliver a positive experience and drive results.

Industry-leading Advanced Automations

Boost productivity and improve accuracy by triggering Lightning Flows based on events in your call center. Pre-built and custom automations reduce manual tasks, enabling your teams to spend more time providing great experiences.

Personalize Every Interaction

For every inbound call, the customer case is immediately popped on screen for the agent to quickly find recent interaction history and key customer details, making it easy to quickly understand, address and serve the customer.

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