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Updated 04/13/2022

Version 1.0.0

Create custom AI voices for your Talkdesk Virtual Agents

For customers with Virtual Agents, Resemble AI's generative custom AI voice solution enables brands to create unique AI voices for higher customer engagement.

Key features

High Quality Pre-Built AI voices

Customers have the option to choose a voice from a library of high quality pre-built voices generated by Resemble AI. The pre-built AI voices offer customers the flexibility to pick a voice that suits their brand.

Custom AI voices

With Resemble AI, customers can create their own Custom AI voice(s) that would be unique to their brand. This gives customers the option to have a branded AI voice that's consistent across all their mediums that their users are familiar with.

Real-Time Dynamic Speech

Create dynamic personalized content on the fly with Resemble's Real-Time API offerings. Talkdesk customers can use one of the pre-built voices or their own custom AI voice to generate dynamic answers on the fly with Resemble.

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EMEA - Europe, APAC - Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America


Financial Services & Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare & Life Services, Public Sector, Telecom, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods


Ivr, Virtual Agent, Voice Engagement

Customer Segments

Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic