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A re-imagined call center knowledge base - uniquely visual and collaborative

Efficiency is key to running a call center, which is why most call centers quickly outgrow homegrown methods of organizing knowledge into documents or knowledge base articles. Increasingly, call centers are turning to ProcedureFlow as their next-generation knowledge base with its unparalleled navigability and ease of use – driving down expensive training costs and preventing costly quality missteps. ProcedureFlow has everything you expect in a call center knowledge base including guided problem solving, self-learning, collaboration, content management, CRM integration, secure cloud access and more.

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ProcedureFlow’s unique visual representation allows agents to quickly navigate up and down the knowledge base for any situation. And only ProcedureFlow provides an at-a-glance bird’s eye view so agents know where they are at all times.

Spot the difference

Procedures change all the time. ProcedureFlow makes it easy for agents to spot changes by highlighting the differences as side-by-side diagrams. There is never any question as to whether they are using the latest procedures or what has changed.

Fresh approach to feedback

Most knowledge bases rely on a check-in/check-out system that locks agents out of procedures when edits are being made. Only ProcedureFlow uses a GitHub-style paradigm, embracing concurrent authoring, yet ensuring only ever one approved version.

Get the picture

Traditional knowledge bases and agent scripting solutions are unnatural to use and inhibit collaboration. Only ProcedureFlow uses a drag-and-drop flowcharting paradigm so everyone can easily contribute and follow shared best practices.

Reporting for duty

ProcedureFlow reports on which procedures are being use at all times and by whom. You can be sure of which agents are using the latest procedures, when suggested changes have been reviewed, and view a full history of all procedure changes.

100% Uptime - Cloud Continuity

Stuff happens – including cloud outages. Only ProcedureFlow features a cloud backup to ensure your agents can continue to operate even when offline.

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