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Updated 12/04/2023

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A re-imagined call center knowledge base - uniquely visual and collaborative

By combining the power of a knowledge base, flow chart, and agent scripting, contact centers can reduce agent effort and provide the best customer experience. ProcedureFlow acts as a training and on the job support tool for agents, enabling them to start work sooner with confidence while ensuring quality and consistency. Business Benefits Train faster & smarter- Expose agents to real-life work scenarios on day one and reduce training and onboarding time by 75%. Visualize your processes- Standard shapes and colors simplify even the most complicated processes making it easy for new and tenure employees to follow. Reduce operating costs- Improve efficiency across your entire contact center and reduce operating costs by 11%. Gain insight with reporting features- See who’s following your processes, where agents are getting stuck, and who’s regularly reviewing changes and updates. Quickly update your information- Different levels of permissions and editing capabilities ensure processes are always the best they can be.

Key features

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ProcedureFlow’s unique visual representation allows agents to quickly navigate up and down the knowledge base for any situation. And only ProcedureFlow provides an at-a-glance bird’s eye view so agents know where they are at all times.

Spot the difference

Procedures change all the time. ProcedureFlow makes it easy for agents to spot changes by highlighting the differences as side-by-side diagrams. There is never any question as to whether they are using the latest procedures or what has changed.

Fresh approach to feedback

Most knowledge bases rely on a check-in/check-out system that locks agents out of procedures when edits are being made. Only ProcedureFlow uses a GitHub-style paradigm, embracing concurrent authoring, yet ensuring only ever one approved version.

Get the picture

Traditional knowledge bases and agent scripting solutions are unnatural to use and inhibit collaboration. Only ProcedureFlow uses a drag-and-drop flowcharting paradigm so everyone can easily contribute and follow shared best practices.

Reporting for duty

ProcedureFlow reports on which procedures are being use at all times and by whom. You can be sure of which agents are using the latest procedures, when suggested changes have been reviewed, and view a full history of all procedure changes.

100% Uptime - Cloud Continuity

Stuff happens – including cloud outages. Only ProcedureFlow features a cloud backup to ensure your agents can continue to operate even when offline.

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