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Deliver Perfect Customer Interactions with our Quality Assurance Software

We are on a mission to help you deliver Perfect Customer Interactions!

PlayVox is a Quality Assurance software that allows you to monitor your customer service interactions across different communication channels such as chat email, phone, social media, among others. We help you deliver Perfect Customer Interactions by engaging and empowering your agents.
  • Measure customer service quality in the smartest way possible.
  • Save time in your QA process.
  • Evaluate more customer interactions in less time.
  • Drive agent engagement by using continuous feedback and coaching.
  • Increase agent performance and productivity.
With PlayVox, you can finally get rid of time-consuming spreadsheets, and run your entire QA program in a smart, easy and fast way.

Plans & Pricing

Playvox Free Trial


for 30 days

Run your entire QA process in one place with PlayVox Free Trial

- Integrate your Talkdesk account and easily bring your customer interactions to PlayVox
- Create interactions filters to easily find tickets according to your evaluation preferences
- Create and personalize scorecards in minutes with our scorecard builder
- Evaluate using your scorecards while simultaneously viewing or listening to a particular interaction
- Generate reports by agents, analysts or teams based on your evaluation results
- Quickly escalate relevant evaluation results with other members of your team. Decide which members of your team you want to share results with
- Export your data as CSV
- Customer success and product training to all our customers in order for you to get the most out of your product!
- Sign into PlayVox using your Google credentials with OAuth via Google