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Updated 09/17/2022

Version 1.0

Welcome to WFM for the digital era.

Delivering exceptional customer experiences starts with optimizing your most valuable resource - your staff. Omnichannel Workforce Management (WFM) doesn’t have to be hard. Playvox’s complexity-taming AI makes your capacity planning, forecasting, scheduling, and intraday planning easy and accurate. It’s time to upgrade to cloud-native WFM designed for the way we work today.

Key features


Leverage AI-Powered automatically generated forecasting. Playvox uses real-time data and self adjusting algorithms to continuously improve forecast accuracy. Handle synchronous and asynchronous workloads seamlessly in an omnichannel environment.


Save time with fully automated omnichannel scheduling based on your specific business rules and priorities. With Playvox, you can utilize account forecasts, KPIs, business requirements, SLAs and goals to create the most efficient schedule for your needs. Reduce costs by having the right agents available at the right time to service customers, without overstaffing.

Reporting & Analysis

Take advantage of dashboards and reporting for center-wide optimization, down to agent-level tracking, to help with performance management and agent engagement. Reports with drill-down functionality provide insight into key measures: punctuality, adherence, occupancy, service levels, work streams and tasks, forecast accuracy, and more.

Real Time & Intraday Management

Use our performance summary dashboard to view real time data from phone, chat, social and ticketing platforms to monitor adherence and occupancy throughout the day. Make on-the-fly adjustments intraday, and re-optimize your workforce with the click of a button.

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