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Updated 08/22/2023

Version 1

PCI Pal’s integrated TalkDesk secure payment solution serves organizations globally with data protection and omnichannel cloud payment solutions.

Use PCI Pal’s® patented technology to take secure and compliant payments across any communication channel within your TalkDesk Contact Center. Offering customers different payment methods via multiple channels to suit their needs, in one seamless journey. Agents and networks are de-scoped from the requirements of PCI DSS while supporting each payment journey in real time - meaning higher conversion, no drop off, and an excellent customer experience. Cloud native architecture protects merchants from data leak threats and compensating controls such as pause, and resume seen with alternative providers. ‘Agent Assist’ utilizes DTMF masking technology as well as speech recognition, to provide you a secure way of handling payments by phone without bringing your environments in scope of PCI DSS. The solution integrates with the call flow only at the point of payment and intercepts any financial details of the customer, so call integrity is always maintained. Purchased standalone or combined with Agent Assist, ‘Digital Payments’ facilitate a true omnichannel flexible payment experience for your customers. Agents send digital links through channels such as webchat, WhatsApp, video, social media, email, and SMS; to suit your user journey. Customers can choose from a number of alternative payment methods alongside card. Offering customers true payment flexibility.

Key features

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance

We safeguard your reputation and trust with our Level 1 PCI DSS accreditation. Our solution ensures no customer financial information reaches your network securing you and your agent against the potential for fraud.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers can choose from a number of card payment methods giving them freedom over their finances and providing a modern, seamless checkout experience. Agents can follow payment journey's in real time, no matter what interaction channel or payment method is chosen. A smooth, and flexible customer interaction and zero drop offs.

Reduced call times; Increased conversion & revenue

With a seamless integration, PCI Pal enables, greater first time accuracy and reduced transfers. Universal customer satisfaction through a modern payment checkout. As well as increased conversion with speech and alternative payment options. All contributing to your bottom line.

Talkdesk PCI Pal Integration

The PCI Pal integration is quick and seamless and works in harmony with Talkdesk and any other infrastructure already in place. We're PSP agnostic and take the hassle out of implementation with our 'go live framework', ensuring your time to value as soon as possible.

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