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Updated 01/17/2024

Version 1.0.0

Conversational Voice empowers your customers to engage in natural unstructured conversations in a human-like dialog experience, efficiently addressing

Conversational Voice is a revolutionary method for delivering AI experiences in the voice channel. Rather than focusing on the technology behind AI, Conversational Voice applications are built around the customer experience. Standard tools like Virtual Agent Skills and miniApps configure the AI to achieve peak accuracy and customer engagement without any difficult technical tasks like training an AI model, building an ontology, and optimizing speech. Omilia's powerful Conversational Insights experience highlights opportunities to improve the customer journey. Technologies like Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) enable Omilia to automatically generate the ideal user experience by analyzing existing customer interactions. - Pre-Built Integration with Talkdesk - Seamlessly add Conversational AI services to your existing contact center platform for a fast return on investment - Pre-Built Industry Packages: Immediately launch pre-tuned AI models that exceed 90% accuracy without any additional configuration - Natural Language Generation (Text-to-Speech): Easy-to-use Text-to-Speech means there’s no need to use a recording studio, nor pay extra per call. - Bot Orchestration: Mirror real-world processes by organizing your Conversational AI application into reusable components. - Virtual Agent Skills: Quickly automate everyday tasks such as Authentication, Service Request Cap

Key features

Natural Language Understanding & Speech Recognition

Omilia understands words and their intended meaning, providing contextual responses with high accuracy and minimal training input.

Pre-built Industry Skills Out-of-the-Box

Omilia has been trained on industry-specific data to speed up deployment times and achieve unprecedented accuracy from day 1.

Dynamic Context Understanding & Topic Switching

Effective customer care relies on a deep comprehension comparable to human understanding, rather than just basic bucket categorization of requests. Omilia stands as the exclusive AI system achieving this caliber of human-like understanding, out-of-the-box. Diverging from traditional chatbots, Omilia adeptly transitions between threads and topics, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, human-like interactions.

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