Observe.Ai - Interaction Analytics, AI DRIVEN Agent Performance and Coaching


Developed by Z21 Labs, Inc

Updated 05/03/2021

Version 2.0

Agent enablement and coaching platform that improves customer experience by analyzing 100% of interactions for compliance.

Observe.AI’s Contact Center AI Platform combines the power of Interaction Analytics with end-to-end quality management and coaching to help teams work efficiently while remote. More than 110 global Contact Centers use Observe.AI to analyze 100% of their customer interactions, to get Customer Experience business insights; automatically evaluate and score calls for compliance and quality assurance; and offer targeted coaching to agents. Analyze every single customer interaction and automatically surface key moments of interest that shed light on the Customer Experience, Intent, and how agents perform.

Key features

ALL-IN-ONE Analytics, QM, Agent Performance and Coaching

Observe.AI helps Contact Centers quality check 100% of interactions (up from just 1-2%) and reduces the time it takes to surface and quality check an interaction from 30 minutes down to 5 or less. With Observe.AI, Quality Analysts provide 5X more feedback to agents to improve performance and Coaching.

Uncover Critical Business Insights

Observe.AI helps Contact Centers operators uncover critical business insights by monitoring 100% of customer interactions. With Observe.AI Supervisors and Operators can now leverage the power of AI to coach agents towards a better outcome. Whether its mitigating churn, increasing sales or uncover customer intent; Observe.AI provides an ALL-IN-ONE approach to propel your call center from a cost center to a profit center.

100% Compliance Monitoring

Observe.AI helps Contact Centers proactively monitor compliance across 100% of interactions so that they never miss a compliance risk or coaching opportunity. With AI teams using Observe.AI gain context on customer complaints; ensure agents adopt mandatory dialogues, such as recorded line messaging; and help trainers build targeted coaching to keep agents on track. Observe.AI automatically redacts PII data from every single transcript.

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Quality Management, Speech Analytics, Performance Management

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Interaction Analytics - Agent Performance and Coaching

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