Neustar Caller Name Optimization / Spam Tag Mitigation


Developed by Neustar

Updated 06/08/2022

Version 1.0

Enterprises using Neustar see a double-digit improvement in answer rates through better Call ID accuracy and the removal of spam tags.

Tagging on outbound calls and incorrect/no caller-id is the leading reason why customers do not answer. Neustar’s position owning, controlling and powering over 90% of the caller-ID database and our strategic partnerships with over 850 carriers allows us to ensure the correct caller-id populates on cellphones and eliminate any issues with “spam” tagging that commonly occurs with outbound dialing.

Key features

Caller ID Name Accuracy

Gain better control of the enterprise's Caller IDs. Neustar will help identify the current CNAM descriptors in place, and via access to an online portal, the enterprise will have the ability to change the CNAM descriptors. Any revisions will be updated in the North American Caller Name Database within 15 minutes of input.

Spam Tag Mitigation

Neustar will vet and then register the enterprise's outbound telephone numbers with the leading mobile carriers. These numbers will be monitored periodically to ensure tagging does not reoccur.

Ease of Implementation

There is no technical integration required to implement the service. Simply register your outbound lines with Neustar and we take it from there. The service can be live within two weeks of order receipt.

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