Talkdesk Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 10/19/2022

Improve agent productivity and optimize your operations by integrating Talkdesk with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Talkdesk Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector pairs the power of Talkdesk CX Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to boost efficiency, streamline operations, and provide customers with highly personalized engagements. Leverage call controls directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 and automatically synchronize data between the two systems.

Key features

Work from within a single environment

Talkdesk is fully embedded within the Microsoft Dynamics experience so your agents can seamlessly handle cases from one screen. With click-to-call, screen pops and more, agents have everything they need to stay focused and resolve customer questions fast.

Personalize every interaction

Agents can instantly see key customer context, including interaction history, when handling a call, helping them tailor every conversation to the customer or prospect.

Eliminate manual, repetitive agent work

Take advantage of pre-built, customizable automations that eliminate the need for agents to do manual updates, increasing their productivity while minimizing compliance risks and human error.

Ensure data is always up to date

Automatically keep contact center and CRM data synchronized, ensuring agents have accurate information to understand, address and serve the customer.

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