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Updated 12/16/2021

Version 1

Unveil actionable insights from your conversations using the fastest evolving emotion AI engine.

meilo’s next generation analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors to give you credible actionable information. We help you add real numbers and measurable value to your company. meilo leverages huge amounts of voice-data and deep learning to provide valuable data-informed business insights. With meilo you can now track not only what is being said but how it is being said, the emotions, intentions, state-of-mind and behaviors of agents and customers. Discover how emotion AI can supercharge your contact center.

Key features

Bookmark Best Performing Calls

Keep your team engaged with the most relevant leading indicators of success with smart bookmarking. Integrate with performance and motivation management software to automate celebrations of great customer moments!

Boost Agent Efficiency & Performance

Monitor agents’ performance and decode emotionally resonating content. Train agents’ soft skills, uncovering positive emotional and behavioral examples to guide their dynamic. Improve agents’ emotional intelligence and enhance their sales performance.

Customer Experience

Emotional Intelligence is the core of excellent customer experiences, but you can’t manage what you can’t measure. We built meilo to quantify subtle vocal behavioral patterns, offering x-ray vision to your sales and support teams’ effectiveness

Business Intelligence

Our deep learning AI uses what and how something is said to gauge agent performance and conversation quality. It listens to agents and customers to measure politeness, composure, empathy, and speaking style to calculate the conversation quality score.

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Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Services, Telecom


Benchmarking, Reporting, & Bi, Interaction Analytics & Sentiment

Customer Segments

Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic

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Actionable conversation insights using the fastest evolving emotion AI engine.

Features include:
- 3rd Generation Call Analytics
- Transcription with Emotions & Behaviors for every call
- Tone Change metrics
- Intelligent KPIs, ie. Agent Performance, Customer Satisfaction
- Data-driven ML model updates
- In-call Annotation