Level AI


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Updated 08/22/2023

Version 7.0

Uncover deeper insights on agent performance & customer intent with Semantic Intelligence

Level AI is a customer service intelligence platform that uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to help contact center teams streamline quality assurance and frees up agents' time by automating repetitive tasks. Level AI’s semantic intelligence engine interprets customer conversations across support channels and provides insights for quality analysts to coach support agents.

Key features

AI-powered Quality Assurance

Level AI monitors all support conversations across support channels and tags key moments in every conversation. This helps your QA teams to quickly identify and evaluate key moments in a conversation and provide better agent feedback.


Slice and dice your contact center data with Query Builder. Generate a custom report with a few clicks, create relationships between different performance indicators, apply filters, group data, and do a lot more.

Agent Assist

Our tech understands what customers are actually saying during a conversation, scours through all your knowledge sources and surfaces proactive hints in realtime to help agents provide the right answers to customers.

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Financial Services & Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Life Services, Public Sector, Telecom


Quality Management, Workforce Management, Agent Coaching & Performance

Customer Segments

Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic