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Updated 01/19/2024

Version 1.0

Omnichannel Customer Service CRM

Kustomer isn’t a ticketing system. It’s an all-in-one customer service CRM platform for managing high support volume effortlessly. Deliver efficient, informative experiences with the tools and intelligence needed to satisfy today’s customers, and make customer service profitable.

Key features

AI for Customer Service Makes Everything More Convenient

AI isn’t taking over. It’s simply driving smarter processes for both customers and agents. Kustomer IQ contextualizes conversations, eliminates time-consuming tasks and deflects repetitive questions so everyone is less distracted and you reduce cost per contact.

Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Operation

Our standard reporting stack details how individuals and teams are performing and native CSAT measurement tracks your effectiveness across channels. Summarize and export specific data sets with custom report building capabilities.

Turn Customers Into Advocates With Proactive Support

Bulk messaging capabilities transform your team into a profit center. By targeting specific customer segments based on your unique data, like orders, location, or CSAT, you can improve retention by mitigating issues, sending brand-building offers, or reengaging dissatisfied customers.

Reduce Handle Times With Intelligent Omnichannel Routing

It’s easy to improve first contact resolution when teams are prepared. Our queuing and routing engine, powered by Kustomer IQ, accurately matches customers with agents based on needs and capacity, drastically reducing wait times across all channels.

Support Customers Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Channel Without Disruption

Kustomer’s true omnichannel capabilities enable the multi-device support that customers use in their everyday lives. It’s modern support for contemporary teams, who converse the only way they know how—instantly.

Minimize Costs and Operationalize CX with a New CRM

The next generation of customer service CRM does more than just manage support conversations. Kustomer is your single record of customer truth, managing and contextualizing data to drive smarter processes that scale your business (not your headcount).

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