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Updated 08/11/2022

Version 1.0

The First Workforce Management Solution You'll Love

Say "goodbye" to manual work, challenging spreadsheets and complicated software. Say "hello" to a smart solution that makes your life easier, your contact center better and your customers happier. You are easily able to import data of TalkDesk to be utilised within injixo, allowing you to utilise this wealth of history to create smart, forward looking forecasts, schedules that are on point and enable valuable agent interaction in real time. Bring your Workforce Management to the next level.

Key features

Import Talkdesk data into injixo

Import Talkdesk data into injixo with ease

Eliminate over- or understaffing

Eliminates over- or understaffing with precise schedules created via injixo

Manage absences

Advanced absence management features

Employee self service portal

Employees can access their self service portal

Reporting of important KPIs

Robust reporting on important KPIs

Create highly accurate forecasts

Highly accurate forecasts for future events and workloads utilizing AI-technology

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Financial Services & Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Life Services, Public Sector, Telecom


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