INFORM Branded Caller ID


Developed by First Orion

Updated 10/05/2021

Version 1

A branded caller ID solution that provides a 32-character custom message on the consumers phone or wearable device.

Do you struggle with the success of your outbound calling programs? Are your calls tagged as scam or not answered because customers don’t trust your calls? INFORM by First Orion allows you to quickly customize your 32-character display name on outbound calls.
With INFORM, you will be able to connect with more customers, deliver a better customer experience, and rapidly resolve customer issues while driving higher conversions. INFORM is a SaaS solution that can be up and running in minutes with nothing to install or support. Backed by analytics and KPI tracking, our solution and white-glove service support team will help you develop more successful calling programs.

Key features

Business Intelligence and Analytics

You won’t get advanced analytics and revenue-driven results anywhere else. We’re in the business to bring you ROI-focused outcomes and insights to enhance your calling programs.

Personalized Messaging

Allows you to display a custom, 32-character message on the customer’s mobile device each time you call. The service is free for customers, requires no downloads, and is available on iOS, Androids, and wearables.

Real-Time Call Log

If a customer misses your call, your message is retained in the phone’s call log. Customers who see your missed call are more likely to call you back and helps build trust in your brand.

Call Pairing

Expand your call display options and programmatically change your display name for your unique needs. Call Pairing allows you to customize messages to different customers, even when they come from the same calling number.

Programmatic Scheduling with Scam Protection

Run multiple calling programs and display different messages through the same phone number to expand reach. Eliminate the need for a plethora of phone numbers to run different call programs and ensure enhanced spoof mitigation from bad actors.

Audience Reach

INFORM currently works on 110 million U.S. devices including iOS, Android, and wearables, with an expansion to over 260 million U.S. devices by the end of 2021.

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