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Updated 09/18/2020

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The Ultimate Performance Management and Motivation Platform for Contact Centers

Hoopla is an automated system to manage and motivate your teams to perform their best. Driven by live updates from Talkdesk, Hoopla combines data intelligence, motivational psychology and modern game mechanics in a powerfully simple application that creates a high-performance culture whether in the office, on the road, or at home. Using Hoopla, managers can monitor team progress, quickly create contests, competitions and leaderboards around any metric, and broadcast live performance updates to TV, laptops, mobile, email, Slack and Microsoft Teams throughout the company. Hoopla helps you motivate the behaviors that drive your business. Whether you want to supercharge your culture, recognize your top performers, or are just looking for a way to engage a new generation of contact center reps, Hoopla can help.
Key Features:
- Metrics updates directly from Talkdesk
- Instant recognition alerts
- Leaderboards
- Contests and challenges
- Progress against targets
- Performance console
Hoopla helps you improve retention and performance by making the work more enjoyable. Whether you want to improve your culture, lift morale, or recognize your top performers, Hoopla is the right solution.

Key features

Motivate Through Gamification

High employee turnover is extremely expensive and can be especially high in contact centers. Disengaged agents have lower levels of performance and customer satisfaction and can negatively impact company morale. Hoopla leverages gamification to drive increases in engagement, performance, and retention.

Manage & Engage Your Remote Agents

Keep your remote agents connected to the culture with Hoopla. Public recognition, visibility into all key metrics, and friendly competition will ensure that they feel part of the team at all times. Track and coach skills through 1on1s using the performance console and keep them driving to higher levels of performance. No matter where agents are based, Hoopla makes work more fun and inspires your agents to perform at their best.

Integrate Key Platforms

Connect your team’s everyday workflow to the data you need. See real-time results and automate reporting:
-Broadcast Salesforce or MS Dynamics data for the whole team to use, displaying Talkdesk and your CRM data in a dynamic, engaging way.
-Slack and Teams integrations amplify your messages, alerts, birthdays, anniversaries and competition updates to the team.
-Google Sheets and Excel 365 integrations give you the ability to perform calculations on Hoopla metrics and produce derivative metrics using formulas or add metrics not available in other systems.

Go Big With No Limits

Unlimited alerts. Unlimited competitions. Unlimited emails. Unlimited content. We've deployed with companies as small as 20 employees and as large as 10,000+ employees working all over the world in offices, in contact centers and in their homes.

Automate Real-Time Recognition

Recognition from managers and peers is proven to increase engagement and reduce employee turnover. Let Hoopla automate the process and make sure progress and performance improvements are noticed the minute they occur.

Make Work More Enjoyable

Repetitive tasks such as making cold contacts or answering the phone are often exhausting and boring. Friendly competition, celebration, and goals and progress makes the tasks more fun and brings excitement to the culture. Celebrate wins, launch challenges and contests, and infuse energy into the culture with Hoopla.

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