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Updated 01/24/2022

Increase agent productivity by adding voice communications and workflows to your Front Universal Inbox

Front’s Universal Inbox provides a single source of truth that makes it easy for customer service teams to manage meaningful, personalized communications with customers, automate busywork, and collaborate more effectively. Talkdesk’s Front integration empowers agents to take or initiate calls, access customer contact information, and interact with call logs, recordings, and voicemails, all from directly within their Front Universal Inbox. By fully unifying your customer communication channels and workflows with Talkdesk and Front, you can eliminate the need for context switching, boost agent productivity, and deliver better customer experiences.

Key features

Personalize Every Customer Touchpoint

Give agents the context they need to deliver highly personalized customer service by syncing Talkdesk contact data and call logs with Front for a unified, complete view of each customer’s information and interaction history.

Integrate With Clicks, Not Code

Effortlessly configure the Talkdesk Front Integration - no programming or technical skills required! All you need is your Front account information to get started right away.

More Efficient Communication Workflows

Eliminate channel silos and streamline communication workflows by giving agents and supervisors access to Talkdesk recordings and voicemails in Front, where they can be easily prioritized, reassigned, or shared as part of an internal discussion.

Sync The Right Information For Your Business

Select what data is pushed to Front from Talkdesk according to your business needs, and ensure that your Front Universal Inbox is always populated with the information your teams need to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Boost Agent Productivity

Save agents the hassle of switching between multiple applications by enabling them to take calls and initiate calls right from Front. With click-to-call, agents can initiate a call to any phone number listed in Front with a single click, eliminating misdials and improving response rates.

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