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Updated 01/24/2022

Save time for agents and provide better customer service with automated tasks and notifications for Freshservice

Freshservice’s intuitive, intelligent service management solution helps businesses accelerate service delivery, increase efficiency, and ensure consistent experiences. Talkdesk’s Freshservice integration unlocks even greater efficiencies by automatically creating tickets and notifications within Freshservice in response to events like voicemails, missed calls, and more. By creating automated tasks that align with your business needs you can streamline your service workflows, reduce busy work for agents, and provide better customer experiences.

Key features

Respond to Voicemails Faster

Ensure that customer voicemails always receive a prompt response by automatically logging a ticket or notification in Freshworks as soon as they leave a message.

Integrate With Clicks, Not Code

Effortlessly configure the Talkdesk Freshservice Integration - no programming or technical skills required! All you need is your Freshservice account information to get started right away.

Don’t Let Missed Calls Lead to Poor Experiences

Quickly escalate and respond when a customer call is missed by automatically logging a ticket or creating a notification in Freshworks.

Create Automations That Save Time For Agents

Easily define and trigger custom automations that help reduce manual busy work for agents by ensuring they never have to update two different systems.

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