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Updated 04/04/2023

Version 12

Data, Screen Recording and Speech Driven Quality Monitoring for Increased Agent Performance and Engagement and Improved Customer Experience

Envision delivers award-winning workforce optimization solutions including data and speech-driven quality monitoring and scorecards to ensure an engaged and effective agent workforce. This flexible yet secure cloud solution integrates directly with the Talkdesk Call Center Platform and includes options for voice and screen interaction recording, speech analytics, scorecards, quality & coaching, eLearning, performance management, and compliance recording. A simple modular approach means you can start with Click2Coach and then easily move to the advanced version based on business needs and budget. Easy to use, deploy, scale at a low TCO and high ROI.

Key features

Click2Coach with Voice and Screen Capture

Record voice and agent screens. Customizable evaluation forms to score interactions & identify areas for improvement. Drive a consistent, fair QM process to ensure agents are effective, engaged; decrease attrition while improving customer experience.


Use scorecards to identify the most important calls to review using information, such as, silence, over-talk, and spoken words. Rather than randomly identify calls for evaluation and review, scorecards and auto evaluations can provide you insight into the 1% of calls that may matter the most.

Enterprise-Class Workforce Optimization

All the benefits of WFO without the high costs of implementation, upgrades and hardware. A multi-tenant secure cloud application including recorded voice/screen interactions, data & speech analytics, coaching, eLearning, gamification and agent tools.

Speech and Data Analytics

Be alerted to trends in the contact center and with agents. Compare quality vs. productivity. Use data to find high value interactions for quality review and analytics. Use data inside the contact center and within the Enterprise.

Single application for Coaching and eLearning

Improve agent performance with coaching and eLearning. Create custom eLearning and best practice clips using actual interactions; deliver them directly to the agent’s desks. Send eLearning during slow times; coach your agents for free!

PCI and HIPAA Compliance

Adhere to PCI compliance and HIPAA mandates to not record sensitive data by pausing both voice and screen recording. Avoid fines and potential breach of trust with customers by not collecting this information nor storing it within your interactions.

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Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Services, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods, Telecom, Public Sector


Unified Recording, Quality Management, Agent Coaching & Performance, Learning Management, Interaction Analytics & Sentiment, Live Dashboards

Customer Segments

Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic

Plans & Pricing

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