Dasceq "DART" Collections


Developed by Dasceq, Inc

Updated 09/30/2020

Version 1

Dasceq integrates AI driven recommendations to improve your collection strategy.

Dasceq improves Agent efficiency: 30%-45% and $ Collected: 3%-10% and improves consumer experience. It leverages proprietary 7bn+ data points along with 15+ AI/Ml algorithms to improve collection strategy.

Key features

Improves Agent Efficiency

Dasceq service improves Agent Efficiency by 30-35%. By reducing the time your agents will be spending on contacting the delinquent consumers, your agents will be able to focus on other tasks or just reach out to more consumers!

Increases $ Collected

Dasceq services increases $ collected by 3-10%. By using Dasceq Recommended Strategies especially for deeper delinquencies, you can see an increase in $ collected through more payments being made and repos.

Customizable Collection Strategies

Dasceq Service provides ready to go out of the box Strategies that you can choose. In addition to our recommended strategies, Dasceq also lets you provide your own strategies and customize our Collection Algorithms to suit your collection needs.

Insightful Dashboards showcasing ROI and KPIs

Dasceq Service provides insightful dashboards that shows you the collection benefits that you have accrued over time in terms of ROIs and Benefit Analysis. Additionally, you also get to see industry standard KPIs as applicable to your business.

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