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Updated 11/02/2023

Version 2.2

Instant screen sharing with anyone, no download required.

Enhance online meetings with customers and share your screen, program or browser tab as easily as you make a phone call. Customers never need to install any software and it works even on their mobile devices. You can finally tell your customer, in the middle of a phone call, “I can show you,” and start showing them what they need to see. Offer visual explanation without preparation, easily book meetings in advance or integrate CrankWheel’s conversational lead capture forms into your web site for Instant Demos. The seamless TalkDesk integration offers a simple way of launching CrankWheel right from Talkdesk, and one click to call your Instant Demos prospects using Talkdesk. All plans are Never Over Limits™ as they include a 30-day grace period once you start exceeding limits.

Key features

Screen Sharing

Add context to conversations with customers by showing your computer screen on their phones or laptops. Display exactly what your prospects need to see in order to purchase your product or service or to understand how it works.

Works Every Time

Focus on sales and forget about complicated session setup. CrankWheel works on any Internet-enabled device with a screen and web browser. Connections are encrypted and getting your customer connected is very easy.

Instant Demos

Increase your website’s conversion rates by adding lead capture forms that automatically find information about your prospects and allow your sales team to offer product demos at the moment a customer requests them, without the need for scheduling.

Ready in Seconds

Host meetings in real-time without software installation or any setup at all. All it takes is for customers to click or type your meeting link, available via e-mail, SMS, or simply spelled over the phone eg.

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Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Services


Digital Engagement, Video

Customer Segments

Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic

Plans & Pricing

Free Trial


for 30 days

Fully-functional, unlimited users, 30-day free trial

This 30-day free trial gives you access to all standard features of CrankWheel so that you can evaluate it for your organization.
Offer instant screen sharing during phone calls, schedule meetings where you'll screen share, or use our Instant Demos functionality to capture lead information on your web page or in an email campaign and immediately call the prospect back.
Be sure to make good use of the unlimited accounts as CrankWheel might also be useful for other members of your team!