CallMiner Conversation Intelligence


Developed by CallMiner, Inc.

Updated 08/22/2023

Version 1.0.0

Elevate agent performance with AI-fueled conversation intelligence & automated QM.

Businesses can now: • Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty using AI insights from all interactions.
• Improve the agent experience to drive business outcomes.
• Drive operational efficiency by analyzing every customer interaction.
• Uncover insights from sales conversations to increase revenue.
• Maximize collections while meeting compliance regulations.
• Deliver products and services customer love in less time.
• Leverage employee insights to create better experiences.
• Shorten sales cycles and drive more wins.
• Increase marketing effectiveness and drive leads.
• Increase compliance and reduce risk on 100% of interactions.
• Fight fraud and protect your brand reputation.
These insights can happen post-call to identify patterns and areas of opportunity, or in real-time to automatically alert, guide, and score agents for consistent and continuous feedback.

Key features

Retain customers

Use conversational analytics to gauge customer satisfaction and uncover drivers of sentiment, provide insights to reduce churn.

Reduce operational costs

Conversational insight can reveal contact drivers to better serve customers along their digital journey and increase self-service and efficiency. Understand what’s driving hold time, AHT, call silence, etc to build more efficient teams and processes.

Improve Effectiveness

Use analytics to deliver better CX, stronger performing sales, better payment outcomes, and more by understanding what is driving your team’s effectiveness.

Develop and coach agents

Automatically guide and score agents to deliver consistent and efficient quality management on 100% of conversations. Conversations are monitored for at-risk interactions and supervisors are alerted to step in for rapid course correction.

Mitigate compliance risk

Monitor 100% of conversations for compliance, alert agents to initiate procedures.

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