Calabrio Teleopti Workforce Management


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Updated 01/28/2022

Version 8.9

Calabrio, a global provider of WFM software, offers a world-class solution that is sophisticated and easy to use.

This offering is available for existing Calabrio Teleopti customers only.
A top global provider of Contact Center Workforce Management software (WFM), offers market leading Cloud solution Calabrio Teleopti Workforce Management. Using Teleopti WFM’s highly flexible module suite, contact centers can effectively forecast, schedule and monitor all customer service operations, as well as dynamically adapt to changing situations. This ensures that business needs can be optimized through a balance of personnel, demand and customer service levels. Teleopti WFM is known and respected for a modern approach to WFM, with a wide range of tools and capabilities to positively empower employees across the organization, resulting in optimized operations and engaged customers.

Key features

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

It's a simple formula. the right agent, in the right place, with the right skill, with the right media, at the right time equals a superior customer experience. Contact centers face many challenges on a daily basis from fluctuating call volumes, expanded media types, to high turnover. Being able to efficiently manage these basic requirements requires the right tools to build, manage, and ensure a smooth interaction between agents, supervisors and your customers, in the media of their choice.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Teleopti WFM helps businesses of all sizes lower costs and gain more customer insight while becoming more efficient in day-to-day operations. The Teleopti WFM solution provides strategic planning, forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, and employee engagement capabilities to promote business growth and provide a more balanced workload, all while ensuring your customer traffic is known and service levels are met.

Employee Empowerment

Employee happiness is the heart beat of any successful company and with agent turnover proving to be the highest expense for contact centers, organizations need to ensure they are doing all they can to empower its employees. Teleopti WFM gives supervisors the tools they need to accurately produce agent’s shifts. Managers have the ability to view agent preferences, skill-sets and availability before making a schedule live. Agents have real-time access to their client portal to view adherence, report an absence, request time-off,and bid on schedules with colleagues.

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