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Updated 11/02/2023

Version 3

Empower and engage your agents to deliver superior CX with C2Perform’s on-demand searchable KnowledgeBase

Centralize process and product content to make your agents more effective and improve your CX with C2Perform's KnowledgeBase. Built by contact center professionals with a strong understanding of what users need to be successful - with an emphasis on flexibility to meet each customer's specific requirements – you can give everyone access to information when and where they need it. With a Google-style search function and easy document creation tools, customers in a wide variety of industries rely on C2Perform's knowledge management to engage and empower their users to spend more time helping customers by spending less time looking for information.

Key features

Easy Document Creation - Supports Any Type of Content

No special skills or training are required to create articles and the intuitive WYSIWYG editor makes it simple to organize content into any type of hierarchy using any type of content - PDFs, images, video, audio and more. Snippets, tool tips and embedded links make it easy to maintain recurring content.

Version Control for Change Management

Meet your requirements for change control with full version management. The side-by-side comparison tool lets you compare former and current versions to streamline article reviews and approvals.

Analytics Empower Agent Engagement

Agents can provide feedback at the document, page and user level that provide valuable insights about utilization and effectiveness and identify opportunities for training and coaching development.

Part of a Comprehensive Performance Management Suite

Combine KnowledgeBase with other product modules to drive better results and engagement with your workforce.

Intuitive Google-style Search

The Google-style search function makes content readily accessible in a format that your team members understand. Features like search-as-you-type let reps progressively search and filter for the most relevant articles.

Assigned Reading Improves Performance & Compliance

Automatically assign KnowledgeBase pages for self-study based on QA or coaching evaluations, and use electronic sign-offs to maintain compliance tracking.

Additional information


Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Services, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods, Telecom, Public Sector


Quality Management, Agent Coaching & Performance, Learning Management, Knowledge Base

Customer Segments

Enterprise, Strategic

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- Create any type of information you choose, such as FAQs, wikis, manuals, customer service responses and technical data
- Intuitive, Google-style search makes it easy to access documents
- Create information in any media format you choose - PDFs, images, video, audio
- Automatically assign reading based on business rules you create (like QA evals, coaching, new product launches, policy changes, etc.)
- Usage analytics give you insights into user information searches and identify gaps in content.
- Full versioning control supports Lean Six Sigma, ISO and SOC reporting requirements