Balto Real-Time Guidance


Developed by Balto

Updated 08/11/2022

Version 1.0.0

Start improving conversations when it matters most: in the moment.

Top-performing contact centers trust Balto's real-time AI to increase conversions, prevent costly compliance mistakes, and improve customer experience. Save every call before it ends with automated real-time guidance, coaching, and QA. Identify what works best and immediately scale best practices to your whole team. Stop relying on post-call analysis to improve your operation. Let Balto take the lead in real-time for happier customers, increased revenue, and perfect conversations on every call.

Key features

Increase Conversions and Revenue

Balto shows your agents the right thing to say every time, increasing your win rate. Test responses to common objections, find what works best, and scale instantly to your whole team.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

We give your agents instant access to the information they need, decreasing holds and wait times and leading to better customer experiences.

Achieve Bulletproof Compliance

Stop costly compliance errors before they happen. Balto provides approved language live on the call and helps agents correct mistakes in the moment.

Train and Onboard Faster

Slash ramp time with Balto. We turn every call into your best call by giving agents access to your best practices, objection responses, and the most effective call scripts, all in real-time.

Score 100% of Calls Automatically

Balto's Real-Time QA scores 100% of calls instantly so you can focus on improving them. Stop mistakes before they become habits, identify the root cause of low scores, and scale best practices to your whole team.

Coach Calls Before They’re Over

Balto's Real-Time Coaching helps managers identify the right calls to coach before the call is lost. Get alerted for coachable moments, instantly join the call, and provide the coaching your agents need to save the call before it ends.

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