Developed by Avochato Inc.

Updated 01/19/2024

Version 1.0

Maintain 2-way conversations at scale with customers and teams through SMS, live chat, and phone.

Avochato is a business-grade text messaging platform for teams who want to maintain meaningful, real-time conversations with customers. With no programming required, Avochato seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM systems and workflows to reach customers where and how they want to - via text, chat, messaging, and phone. Our easy to use, scalable, and secure interface allows brands to strengthen existing relationships with one-to-one dialogues, send personalized one-to-many broadcasts, and streamline operations.

Key features

Measure impact

Know how your team is performing in real-time with our built-in dashboards and reports. Track per-user metrics and availability and provide visibility to managers regarding current customer experience.

Engage in dialogue

Easily manage 1-to-1 conversations at scale over SMS, live chat, and phone, from one single platform.

Setup in minutes

No coding required. Create your account, onboard your team, and start messaging clients right away.

Delight your customers

Improve NPS by offering better, faster, and more personal support on the channels your customers prefer. Handle multiple issues simultaneously and avoid putting customers on hold, while keeping messages personal and relevant.

Streamline workflows

We fully integrate with the systems you already use, so messaging your customers is as easy as it gets. Send messages straight from SalesForce, MS Teams, and Slack.

Work smarter

Let our tech do the heavy lifting. Easily transfer customers between agents with shared inboxes and routing rules. Use keywords and surveys to automate responses and store customer information.

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