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Authority Center

Developed by Authority CenterUpdated 07/16/2020Version

Purpose-built workforce optimization solutions that streamline contact center operations.

Workforce optimization solutions including quality assurance, scripting, workforce management, speech analytics and patented PCI compliance. Equip your agents with tools for success and improve their service quality and productivity. Authority Center solutions help you meet your compliance, quality assurance, workforce and call center training needs. Save time with analytics-based decision making, all within a simple, clean interface that is easy-to-use and quick to deploy at an affordable price.

Advanced Outbound List Management

Cadence outbound list optimization tools provide advanced management of complex campaign strategies to prioritize contacts based on real data to increase contact success rates.

Script Designer

Provide the agent with all relevant data they need to efficiently manage every interaction. Branch logic scripts boost agent performance and customer satisfaction, minimize the possibility of human error, and provide consistency in every interaction.

Workforce Management

Access to key analytics, trends, and reports are all available at the click of the mouse, enabling managers to respond to shifting trends right away, minimizing over or under staffing, and ensuring the best customer experience possible.

Quality Management

Native integration to Talkdesk Contact Center means that with a few clicks you can customize and launch your QA solution in a matter of hours, not days or even months. No new APIs, no cumbersome integration guides, no waiting.