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Updated 06/07/2023

Version 1

Voice-enable your bots and integrate them with Talkdesk contact center business flows.

Enables organizations to upgrade their chatbots to voicebots by connecting the bot framework and cognitive speech services to voice and telephony channels. This fully-featured solution automates your customer service according to your unique needs.

Key features

Multiple speech providers and bot frameworks

Build the most advanced voicebots with your vendor of choice using the most popular bot frameworks, leading speech-to-text and text-to-speech providers, and various speaker recognition engines.

Multiple voicebot use cases

Enables the building of conversational IVRs, intelligent virtual agents and agent assistants.

Integration with the contact center business flows

This includes transferring calls from the contact center to a bot, escalating the call from the bot to a human agent, and sharing the context and transcript of the call between the contact center, the bot and a human agent.

Bot developer control over the voice channel

Bot developers, using any bot framework, can control telephony actions such as transferring, recording or disconnecting calls, receive telephony notifications such as dialed digits, and control the speech engines used for setting the language.

Reduce the cost of the overall voicebot solution

Reduce the consumption, and therefore the cost, of the speech-to-text and text-to-speech engines by detecting silence and voice activities, stopping and starting STT detection, and storing and fetching TTS prompts on a local cache.

Optimizing speech-to-text detection

Enhanced voice quality monitoring and mitigation of voice quality impairments, and the ability to work with custom speech and dynamic contexts.

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