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Updated 04/04/2023

Version 1

Personal Conversational Customer Experience - Live Chat, SMS, App Messaging

AssistHub for Talkdesk enables efficient communication between customers and businesses. Be available to your customers where and when they need you, and reach out through their preferred method of communication - Live Chat, SMS, and App Messaging. AssistHub provides texting, image, video, and file exchange, contextual messaging, escalation to Talkdesk voice, and interactive conversations. Agent continues working in the familiar support desk. The tickets can be handled in real time or asynchronously. Customers can jump to their favorite messaging app, use live chat online, send SMS or emails. Managers can leverage metrics and management capabilities of their contact center to track the improved resolution times and soaring customer satisfaction rates.

Key features

Live Chat, SMS, App Messaging

Reduce support cycle. Messages are delivered directly to the customer at the right time and place.

Agents Use Existing Support Desk

Improve agent productivity. All communication in one place. No multitasking!!

Escalation to Talkdesk Voice

Improve customer retention, easy to jump on a call with one click.

Customer Chooses How to Talk

Increase customer satisfaction. AssistHub supports SMS, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, WeChat, and more.

Customer Info and Messages in One Place

Increase first call resolution rate. Easy access to relevant information.

Send Files, Pictures, Buttons

Minimize resolution time, exchange essential information.

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