Agent Assist


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Updated 03/14/2022

Version 1.0

Help agents resolve complex customer issues correctly and quickly.

Agent Assist helps agents resolve complex customer issues correctly and quickly. We empower agents with an assistant that listens, learns, and assists in every conversation. It delivers automated assistance for pre-call, on-call, and after-call work, as well as real-time recommendations and next best actions on voice and digital channels. Use Agent Assist with Talkdesk AI Trainer, a no-code AI model training tool for better automation using human-in-the-loop technology.

Key features

Improve agent proficiency and accuracy

Automatically suggest contextual recommendations and source answers to customer queries from Talkdesk Knowledge Management or an external knowledge base, helping you boost first contact resolution during live calls and digital chats.

Simplify agent effort on admin tasks

Intelligently deliver real-time next best actions and use integrated automations to ease back-office tasks and after-call work, helping agents resolve issues faster and focus on more complex interactions.

Reduce the need for supervisor assistance

Enable agents to be more self-sufficient in solving customer issues, giving supervisors more time to focus on priority tasks.

Fine-tune the accuracy of AI with AI Trainer

Agents can apply their domain expertise to fine-tune the accuracy of AI & automation and make AI training part of the everyday operational workflow without relying on IT or professional services.

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