Observe.AI Agent Assist

Developed by Z21 Labs, IncUpdated 08/21/18Version 1

Make every agent a SuperAgent with Observe.AI Voice AI platform

Agent Assist automatically analyses every single call through Deep Learning algorithms and provides actionable feedback to call center agents to improve their productivity and quality thereby significantly improving customer experience. The supervisor can configure rules based on keyword, phrases, natural language and tonal signals to measure every single call on quality, compliance and customer experience. In real time, every call is converted to a high-quality transcript, analyzed using NLP models and the actionable intelligence is available for both agent and supervisor to act upon. The system can automatically redact any sensitive information like PCI, SSN, or PII from all recordings for compliance purposes.

Agent Facing Dashboard

Industry first Agent facing dashboard for agents to get direct feedback generated by AI. The agent now does not need to wait for 15 days for a feedback session with their managers or supervisors. Feedback is delivered direct to agent via dashboard.

Accurate Transcripts

Through a custom language model for each customer, the Observe.AI Transcription engine can generate precise and accurate transcripts including any industry or business specific keywords and phrases.

Automated Quality Assesment

Using custom scorecards the supervisor can configure the QA scorecard for the agents and our system will evaluate every call using that scorecard. No more manual QA.

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Supervisors can configure all regulatory and process compliance they wish to ensure and our AI system will automatically monitor compliance on every single call. This ensures the call center process is 100% compliant and there are no loopholes.

Automated Redaction of Sensitive Information

Using patented Redaction Technology the system can detect and redact sensitive information such as PCI, SSN or PII in 100% of the calls to ensure you are Compliant. Using custom modeling it can even redact any other sensitive information specific to your business.

Tone Based analysis - Emotion, Sentiment and Dead air detectiion

By understanding, speech-based signals such as tone, pitch, and pace, the system can predict customer emotion and sentiment. The customer can filter calls based on poor sentiment to take corrective measures to improve customer experience. Using Speech analysis the system can also measure long pauses, dead air, and silences in the call to improve AHT and reduce hold times.

NLU Based semantic understanding

Using Natural Language Understanding, the system can analyze qualitative and nuanced parameters such as empathy, next call prediction, call driver, churn prediction, or any other metric specific to the business use case.

Keyword and Phrase Spotting

Using Deep learning Observe.AI has perfected Keyword and Phrase spotting technology. Customers can make sense of the calls at scale to track Regulatory compliance, Process adherence, Competitor mentions, etc.

Plans & Pricing

Observe.AI Agent Assist (Trial)


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Test the power of Agent Assist with our 30 days free trial.

In the trial all product features are available. After activation of your trial account, we will load 1 month of your historical data from Talkdesk for retrospective analysis.