VoiceBase Smart Call

Developed by VoiceBaseUpdated 10/24/2019Version 1.14

A smart, flexible, speech analytics dashboard to power automatic call classification, trends, and alerts

Smart call classification is the ability to use machine learning or keyword spotting rules to automatically classify all calls by terms or complex events important to your business. VoiceBase provides customizable transcription results to ensure each user is detecting the words key to their success. Users can modify the speech engine for unique business terms like pronouns, product names, industry terms or acronyms as well as choose to redact sensitive information like PCI, SSN, or PII from all recordings for security purposes. VoiceBase results appear in near real-time, after a recording is completed for users to make better decisions based on what’s said on their phone calls.

KPI Dashboard

Visualize your call data with canned indicators, which are easily customized for your business needs. VoiceBase powered KPIs can be either keyword rule based or machine learning based to accurately detect complex events such as sales, appointments, upset customers or pre-churn accounts.


Users can set rules for screen pop and email alerts to quickly escalate calls automatically by notifying a manager or supervisor. These alerts are also commonly used with new agents to improve the training cycle and future agent performance.

Automatic Call Classification

By utilizing either keyword spotting rules, canned indicators, or machine learning customized indicators users can detect, monitor and measure the complex events key to their business.

Click n’ Play Keyword Spotting

Drill down into any recording to understand what events occurred and the context of what was said. This allows users to click and play keywords to easily navigate long recordings to find the desired section.

High Accuracy Business Transcription

Easily modify the speech recognition engine for your unique business terms like pronouns, product names, industry terms or acronyms to ensure accurate detection of the words that matter most. Users also have the ability to set the automatic detection and redaction of sensitive information such as PCI, SSN or PII.

Plans & Pricing

VoiceBase Smart Call (Trial)


for 30 days

Test out speech analytics with a 30 day free trial, of VoiceBase Smart Call analytics.

This 30 day free trial is a great starting point for a business unfamiliar with call analytics. Try it out and see the insights your calls are hiding!