Simple Emotion Quality Assurance & Call Analytics

Developed by Simple Emotion, Inc.Updated 08/13/2019Version 2.0

Harness powerful customer and agent insights, detailed transcripts and QA tools with patented voice analysis algorithms.

Great sales and support is about more than just words. Don’t let your call data sit unanalyzed and restricted to limited data like call length or content. Simple Emotion provides full-depth and fidelity of analysis for call data and recordings by examining both text and tone for customer and agent sentiment. Our patented algorithms are helping businesses understand their customers at a deeper level to achieve greater customer satisfaction and stronger agent performance.

Beyond Words: Vocal and Verbal Sentiment

No need to listen to calls to hear if a customer is angry. Simple Emotion combines patented algorithms to determine vocal sentiment—whether someone’s voice is positive, negative, or neutral—with verbal sentiment, so you just see if someone is angry.

Discover Patterns Across Agents, Metrics

Visualize and compare agents and ring groups by any of Talkdesk or Simple Emotion’s metrics, and discover what metrics are correlated with other metrics for any custom filter or timeframe. Track these changes over time by defining custom reports.

Automatically Detect Human Interactions

Save time by only dealing with human-human interactions. Simple Emotion automatically determines non human-to-human interactions, such as calls that are really short, contain only a single speaker, or encounter an automated voice messaging system.

Track Changes to Key Metrics Over Time

Define custom reports that track changes to any of Talkdesk or Simple Emotion’s metrics over time on demand. Apply custom filters to these reports to compare how one set of calls compare to another. Define anomalies and get notified when they occur.

Filter, Sort, Inspect Rich Transcripts

Experiment, save, and apply custom filters and sorts on calls by any of Talkdesk or Simple Emotion’s metrics on demand. List matched calls in a customizable table that optionally shows an annotated transcript with verbal and vocal sentiment scores.

Design, Review, Enforce Script Adherence

Simplify and streamline the way you review your calls for compliance by having Simple Emotion automatically detect when your agents deviate from your scripts. Create custom scripts with positional and leniency text requirements for new and old calls.

Plans & Pricing

Starter Package (Trial)


for 30 days

Explore the value of Simple Emotion's analytics, reporting, and QA tools

The Starter Package of Simple Emotion Call Analytics offers the same features as the Full Package, except it only analyzes the past one week of inbound and outbound calls in addition to all new inbound and outbound calls.