SightCall Visual Support

Developed by SightCallUpdated 10/24/2019Version 1.0.0

Instant Visual Support. See what the customer sees and guide them to resolution using live video.

See what the customer sees, and guide them to resolution, using SightCall.

Now, your agents can help customers like never before, using live video interactions to troubleshoot. SightCall works in harmony with any chat, email or customer call. Your agent simply provides a link by text or chat that starts a video session on the customer’s device. The video is streamed directly to the agent’s desk, giving a clear view of the problem and how to solve it. The agent guides the customer using our robust suite of remote tools including live annotations, HD photos and document sharing.

SightCall improves understanding, decreases resolution time, reduces product returns and improves NPS.

Your Agent Controls the Video

Customer Service Agents can pause live feeds, annotate on the screen, take HD photos, and even open supporting documentation directly on the customer's device.

Provide The Best Support Possible

Delight your customers by giving them the ability to show and share a problem to an expert in real time. Remove unnecessary costs associated with shipping returns and sending a technician to fix a product on-site.

Integrated with Salesforce and Zendesk

The provisioning management and authentication of your customer service agents can be done directly through Salesforce or Zendesk. All call records, photos and info from the interaction will be saved directly into the appropriate case or ticket.

Escalate any Conversation to Live Video

It doesn't matter if you are using call, text or chat to communicate with a customer. SightCall works alongside your preferred communication method, allowing you to get visibility when you truly need it.