Developed by PerformetricUpdated 05/23/2019Version 2

Real-time Monitoring System for Mental Fatigue Management.

Performetric provides real-time notifications and recommendations regarding high levels of mental fatigue in the workforce, in order to actively reduce its negative effects. It provides a web app dashboard with a range of reports that allow an effective mental fatigue management, contributing to improve productivity, performance, and well-being. This allows to reduce costs related to healthcare and welfare, with a positive impact on absenteeism and turnover.

Agent Empowerment

It is a plug and play application (available for Chrome, Windows and OSX) for agents to manage their mental health and productivity. It does not require the installation of sensors or other hardware to measure the level of mental fatigue.

Data Analysis

Performetric Analysis allows to correlate productivity and performance KPIs with mental fatigue, improving workforce management and revealing hidden patterns.

Adapts to Any Task or Language

Performetric adapts to both users and tasks, so it can be used by different types of users performing different types of tasks.

Real-time Fatigue and Burnout Detection

Get alerts in real time about the levels of mental fatigue of your workforce, to support your management decisions in real-time, such as managing breaks and shifts more efficiently.

Plans & Pricing

Fatigue Detection (Trial)


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