PCI Pal Digital Agent Assist


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Updated 05/18/2022

Version 1

PCI Pal® Digital is an omnichannel secure payment solution enabling organizations to take payments across any channel.

PCI Pal® Digital facilitates a true omnichannel secure payment solution enabling your organization to take payments across any communication channel. PCI Pal Digital enables your agents to provide secure payment options via digital engagement channels such as Webchat, WhatsApp, Social Media, Email and SMS. PCI Pal’s technology ensures these channels are descoped from the requirements of PCI DSS while retaining operational flexibility to engage in conversations with your customer in whatever way suits your business.

Key features

Talkdesk Integration

PCI Pal works to make sure your new solution is seamless and works in tandem with Talkdesk and the solutions you currently have in place.

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance

PCI Pal is a Level 1 PCI DSS solutions provider. Provides a secure credit card payment process that prevents all card data from reaching your network and out of agents access.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The customer remains in contact with the agent at all times, providing a smooth customer interaction.

Reduced Average Handling Times

With greater first time accuracy, reduced transfers, and customer satisfaction, we have seen a significant reduction in average call handling times.

Customer Peace of Mind

A customer understands the value of their data, and when you show your customer that it is your priority to protect their card data, you provide them with peace of mind.

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