Developed by nGUVUUpdated 05/17/2019Version 1

Employee Engagement Management Platform For Call Centers - One Platform to Engage, Motivate and Inspire Your Employees.

nGUVU Employee Engagement Management System motivates employees to achieve their objectives by using an immersive game-like environment, combined with social media functionality and machine learning.

Track employee engagement and performance, gamify KPI’s, automate contests and challenges, enable friendly competition, activate peer recognition and intrinsic reward system, automate quizzes and gamify training - and so much more.

One platform to engage, motivate and inspire your employees.

Track, Measure, & Gamify Your Contact Center KPI's

Track, measure, and gamify any number of contact center KPI's. Transfer and align performance data from multiple call center solutions to our employee engagement management system.

Activate Agent vs. Agent Competition

It is fun to be able to challenge a colleague and see who can win by performing better in the selected metric of the day. Agents using nGAGEMENT platform launch an average of 3-5 challenges per week.

Optimize & Drive Performance At Agent Level

Our employee engagement platform enables you to discover performance optimization opportunities and leverage them by aligning KPI's & agent level performance targets.

Dedicated Analytics Console For Managers

Call center analytics module designed specifically for managers. Actionable insights are now only a click away - dashboard that helps you uncover new insights into employee engagement and performance.

Automate Call Center Contests & Challenges

Simply build, schedule, and organize all of your contact center team contests in one place. Focus on strategy, team engagement, and your goals - let nGUVU automate the rest.

Quality Of Work Monitoring Capabilities

Align performance, employee engagement and quality of work in one place. A quick way to visually monitor and compare quality of work and performance at a team, site, and department levels.