Loxysoft Proscheduler WFM

Developed by LoxysoftUpdated 11/19/2019Version 1.0.0

ProScheduler is a scalable software that’s designed to help you optimize your workforce. Workforce Management Simplified

ProScheduler, the flagship WFM solution from Loxysoft, is a user-friendly Work Force Management suite with forecasting, scheduler optimization, and reporting systems built-in. ProScheduler is quick to implement and makes scheduling fast by automatically suggesting an optimized schedule taking into account target forecast, agent availability, agents’ skills, break patterns, shift restrictions, employment agreements, agent requests and preferences. ProScheduler includes inbound activities, back office, e-mail, chat, as well as outbound projects. Proscheduler is the only WFM that can track agents work time (time card) and export that data to your payroll system to pay your agents accurately.

Why do our Customers Love Proscheduler? It offers

• User friendly & intuitive design
• Quick & powerful optimization
• SLA simulations & overflow calculations
• Easy to deploy
• Great value and quick ROI
• Great support!
• Flexible & Customizable
• Highly scalable

Real-time feedback with Playbook

By integrating game-design based programs on our existing solutions, Playbook enables your managers to increase engagement & improve productivity of the agents in your call center. See photo in Media Gallery.

Powerful and Flexible

ProScheduler has a powerful optimization engine that creates optimized schedules within minutes, offering great flexibility in trying different settings and analyzing the cost before publishing the schedules.

Time Manager to Track employee hours

Time Manager is a reporting module linked to your payroll system that automates the entire process with time and attendance information. It calculates finished wage types which exports directly into the payroll system. Take control over hours worked!

User Friendly design

ProScheduler is a user-friendly workforce management system built on customer requirements and feedback over the past 20-years. ProScheduler will offer your contact center the right tool to improve your customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Enterprise Features for a low price

Our Enterprise bundle is Workforce Management perfected. It comes with the following modules:
• Call Traffic Report
• Agent Performance Report
• TimeWeb Portal
• Training Planner
• Advanced Targeting
• Playbook
• Management Reports
• Traceability