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Developed by Krisp Technologies, Inc.Updated 05/14/2020Version 1.0.0

Krisp is a noise-canceling app that removes background noise on both ends of the call

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Krisp - noise-canceling app for Mac and Windows removes background noise during calls making agents more professional and productive. It works bi-directionally by muting noise both from agents and customers in the call. It can be used with any call center solutions as well as any conferencing, streaming and recording apps. Krisp can also be paired with any wired or wireless headset, microphone and speakers.

Use with any call center equipment

Krisp seamlessly works with all microphones, speakers and headset.

Easy Setup

Simply install Krisp and select it as a microphone & speaker to have noise-free calls.

Inbound noise cancellation

Krisp Speaker mutes the inbound noise coming from customers to agents.

Outbound noise cancellation

Krisp Microphone mutes the outbound noise going from the agent to customers.

Real-time noise cancellation

Krisp removes background noise from calls in real time with low latency ensuring the smooth flow of the call.

Plans & Pricing

30-Day Free Trial


for 30 days

Try Krisp for free

Free Trial allows to set up your team for use on Windows and Mac apps and have unlimited calls without noise