Developed by KoopidUpdated 10/24/2019Version 3

Koopid provides smart customer engagement across digital channels through AI automation and contextual customer journey.

Koopid provides smart, efficient customer engagement through digital first communications. The Koopid platform enables context based persistent messaging, artificial intelligence orchestration of conversations and workflows creating smart, efficient, and meaningful customer experiences. Koopid enables customers to query information, perform automated tasks, and reach a business from convenient digital entry points.

Query Assistant

Deliver conversation automation, answers to questions, and FAQ responses direct from web pages, mobile applications, and other digital channels.

Seamless voice escalation

For complex customer engagement scenarios seamlessly escalate customers Talkdesk voice agents. If a customer is stuck in text automation or a messaging agent needs voice interaction the Talkdesk escalation will make the connection.

Task Assistant

Automatically perform common tasks quickly and easily for customers through convenient web, mobile, and other digital channels. In addition to persistent messaging, leverage workflows and visual widgets for optimized interactions.

Smart Messaging

Persistent, contextual async-messaging combines conversational automation / interaction with visual widget communication for an intuitive customer engagement.